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The basic structure for Book Craft came from a 12-week summer writing program I taught to over 1000 students. Making the weekly videos helped me flesh out some complex discoveries I’d been making working with author clients and training editors and ghostwriters. I’m adding the first few videos here, as they cover the most important concepts to getting your story right.


Novel Writing Basics

8 Critical Steps (Plot Dot)

Act One (24 Chapter Outline)

Act Two & Three

Suspense & Intrigue

These first six videos cover the first four chapters of the book, which contain all the crucial information and guidance you’ll need to plan and outline your book so it has structure and keeps readers turning pages. This stuff will be a blessing to both you, and your readers. Make sure you grab the free study guide as well, which has a quick summary of all the most useful bulletlists.

If you’d like to dig deeper and watch the videos that correspond to the “deeper magic” chapters 5~8 and the “revision/editing” portions of chapters 9~12, you can grab the full writing course for 81% off, and get a bonus course on publishing, launching and marketing – including building your email list and getting more reviews.

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PS. If you need help and are ready to invest in making your book great, I also offer a detailed first chapter critique – just click the link above to find more details.